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Steamboat Willie #347 || Extra Sheets

Steamboat Willie #347 || Extra Sheets

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Regular Brush Stroke Sheet
Max 1.5" in width in a variety of heights. 

XL Brush Stroke Sheet
Max 1.9" in width (large stroke 6.4" in width) in a variety of heights.

Date Cover Sheet
Date covers are 1.5" in width.

Rip & Stick Sheet
This is one complete sticker! Use it as is or rip it to create amazing torn edge stickers for any planner size! 6.5" in width

Ripped Strip Sheet
The 4 strips are of varying heights. Perfect for the person not ready to rip a full sheet quite yet!  6.5" in width

Patterned Boxes
Boxes are 1.5" in width

Solid Washi Strips
Strips are 6.5" in width

Solid Color Mixed Box Sheet
Stickers are 1.5" and 3" in width. Variety of heights.

Our Paper

Stickers are created with a inkjet printer on permanent sticker paper. Please note, on some paper types (HP) stickers are removable.

Our fourpaper options :

  1. White Matte : Available for all stickers in the shop. Our main paper!
  2. Premium Glossy : The print quality on this paper is AMAZING, with a shine!
  3. Premium Matte: Please note: this paper is brighter & thicker then our regular white matte. The print quality on this paper is AMAZING with no shine!
  4. Clear Matte : Available on select listings including Quote Sheets & Florals!


>> All STICKER orders ship regular letter mail via Canada Post.

>> Increased shipping prices for washi, pens and markers. They also go tracked to US customers.

>> Monthly mailers carry individual shipping charges as they ship separately.

>>Refunds are issued for any shipping overages.

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