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What's Your Planning Style?

Were you like me? Have you had some sort of planner for years? If so, welcome to the wonderful world of 'pretty sticker planning'! Here at Cute Cut Craft we specialize in making stickers for HP (Happy Planners) & EC (Erin Condren) LifePlanners. Although if you have a different way of planning I am super confident we can find you stickers that will work for your style.

If your new to planning, or sticker planning, please reach out and connect with me via FB or contact me via email. I love to help people in their planner journey! I hope you enjoy snooping round the shop.

Cute Cut Candles

Discover a world of fragrances over at Mr. Cute Cut Craft's site! He has a large selection of delectable wax melts and indulgent scented candles. Take advantage of the coupon code, FRIENDS, and save on your entire purchase. These candles produce a long-lasting, clean scent great for emphasizing your décor and creating a soothing atmosphere

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