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Lucky Loot Ball

Lucky Loot Ball

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Welcome to our brand new, live, Twitch event. Please note that you do not have to be on the live broadcast to play! You can watch the replay or just wait for your loot in the mail.


Lucky Loot is streamed live via the Cute Cut Craft Twitch channel.

Next live is Tuesday May 21st @ 8:00 pm Eastern.
You may purchase balls leading up to & during the live event. 
Purchase 1 or 30+ balls. There is no limit, just adjust the quantity @ checkout.

What's in the loot balls?
Each ball has a prize, there are no 'duds'. You are guaranteed 1 sticker sheet or discount per ball.

Examples of ball prizes are:
Stickers: quarter sheets (1 or 2 per ball), full sheets (1 or 2 per ball), 10 page grab bags,& mailers! Examples of sticker sheets are: gnomes, functional, decorative, XL deco, characters, icons, kit sheets & more.
Discounts: 20-40% off coupons valid shop wide plus $10 savings on your next loot purchase! 

Bonus Rolls:
When you purchase multiple loot balls you get extra balls based on the dice roll listed below. These extra dice rolls happen during the Lucky Loot live!
Buy 5 balls & get 1 D4 roll (chance of 1-4 extra balls)
Buy 10 balls & get 1 D6 roll (chance of 1-6 extra balls)
Buy 15 balls & get 1 D8 roll (chance of 1-8 extra balls)
UPDATED: Buy 20 balls & get 1 D20 roll (chance of 1-20 extra balls)

You may use any shop discounts to purchase Lucky Loot balls.
A reminder that coupons and discounts can not be stacked or combined.

Earn badges for monthly plays and # of balls played! Complete a set and get bonus balls. All badges are included in loot orders and tracked by CCC.

Twitch Subscriber Monthly Bonus:
If you are a Twitch subscriber, once a month you get ONE free play.
This entitles you to ONE ball pull with free shipping if stickers are won.
To claim your Twitch Subscriber monthly play please message Cute Cut Craft via Twitch directly.

Shipping starts at $3.00 and increases to $6.00 if 20+ balls are purchased.
Lucky Loot purchases are packed & shipped separately from any other items you may of ordered. Therefore they carry their own separate shipping price. 

Our Paper

Stickers are created with a inkjet printer on permanent sticker paper. Please note, on some paper types (HP) stickers are removable.

Our fourpaper options :

  1. White Matte : Available for all stickers in the shop. Our main paper!
  2. Premium Glossy : The print quality on this paper is AMAZING, with a shine!
  3. Premium Matte: Please note: this paper is brighter & thicker then our regular white matte. The print quality on this paper is AMAZING with no shine!
  4. Clear Matte : Available on select listings including Quote Sheets & Florals!


>> All STICKER orders ship regular letter mail via Canada Post.

>> Increased shipping prices for washi, pens and markers. They also go tracked to US customers.

>> Monthly mailers carry individual shipping charges as they ship separately.

>>Refunds are issued for any shipping overages.

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