Tips for new planners 3 ways the planner community sucks you in

Planner Secrets For Newbies

So, you want to organize your life with stickers an have a pretty planner like you see all over Instagram? Well you are probably going to need the following:

Planners - Money - Inspiration

planner tips for newbies

Let's get serious here. You're probably going to spend lots of money, have many planners and start with a sprinkling of inspiration. Welcome to the wonderful world of planners! AKA the rabbit hole.

Here's how it usually goes. You purchase a $5 clearance planner and some dollar store stickers. You think you're on your way to completely organizing your life and will never forgetting anything ever again, perfect! Well, think again. This is how it starts!

Then you stumble into the many Facebook groups out there. They show you different planners, more stickers and amazing layouts. Ideas you wish to replicate! Then you find Etsy and all the pretty planner shops that reside there. Mullions of stickers ready to purchase so easily. Trust me, it's a rabbit hole! You start with a $15 investment that can easily spiral up to $100+ a month.

Moderation is key and so is a budget, of sorts. Now while I do not suggest adding up all the money you spend on your new planner hobby I do suggest having a general dollar amount budget. Lets be serious, you will probably go over budget. Hopefully not too much.

My Newbie Tip

Join Facebook groups that don't allow advertising/selling of any sort. Member de-stash posts become a slippery slope as you can usually find some amazing products the you want. Equally as tempting are sticker shops that advertise their sales and products. Best to stay clear of these groups! Non sale Facebook groups make it easy to focus on seeing amazing spreads and connecting with like minded planners.

In Conclusion

Yes, your new planner hobby can possibly cost you a pretty penny if you let it. Although, please remember that fellow planners you meet on your journey will be some of the most amazing people you ever encounter. The are warm, generous, encouraging and engaging. I am so happy that years ago I discovered the wonderful world of planners. I just wish someone had warned me how much my initial $30 planner was going to cost me over the years.


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