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Red || Color Wave Collection

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Purchase these sheets individually or all together.

XL Brush Stroke Sheet:
Max 1.9" in width (large stroke 6.4" in width), variety of heights. Full sheet.
Mixed Box Sheet:
1.5" width with a variety of heights. Full Sheet
Brush Stroke Sheet: 1.5" in width strokes in a variety if heights. Full Sheet.
Mini Strip Sheet: Width is 1.5" inches & heights are 0.125" inches. Eight different colors. Quarter Sheet.
Functional Sheet: Quarter sheet.
Washi Strips: Sized for EC & HP 7x9 Vertical planners. Full sheet.

Our Paper

Stickers are created with a inkjet printer on matte sticker paper.


>> Flat rate shipping for stickers. Orders over $120 carry slight increases.
>> Increased shipping prices for washi, pens and markers.

>> Monthly mailers carry individual shipping charges as they ship separately.

>>Refunds are issued for any shipping overages.