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Oops Bags // Read Description!!

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>> 10+ sheets from kits, functionals, or any sheets
>> Cut, print or color imperfections
>> Can have cut depth issues making stickers harder to get off the sheet.
>> Could be old designs or paper with no cut defects
>> May be missing a sticker or two, be scuffed or not cut at all.
>> Each pack will not contain duplicates, if you order more then one I can not guarantee you will not get more than one of the same sheet.


>> 5 Sheets
>> Minor foiling issues
>> May contain duplicate designs with different foil color
>> If you order more than 1 pack you probably receive duplicates

Our Paper

Stickers are created with a inkjet printer on matte sticker paper.


>> Flat rate shipping for stickers. Orders over $120 carry slight increases.
>> Increased shipping prices for washi, pens and markers.

>> Monthly mailers carry individual shipping charges as they ship separately.

>>Refunds are issued for any shipping overages.