Black Friday Sale

Guide To The PGU Black Friday Sale - 25% OFF


Nov 25th - 29th, 2021

❤ Breakdown of all the freebies ❤

1 Tiered Freebies: You don't need to add anything to get these. They are automatically added to your order based on your total (before shipping/tax/shipping)

2 VIP Specials: These are FIVE exclusive VIP freebies that will be going out with orders over the weekend. These exclusive freebies are only available during the stated day of the sale. So make sure to mention the phrase found in the FB VIP group in your order notes to get these freebies! If you don't no freebie will be added.

3 PR Sampler Freebies: Make sure you mention ONE PR girls name to have their sampler added to your order. If you mention multiple, you only get the 1st named 🙂

4 Power Hour Freebies: Each day of the sale at 12 PM EST for 1 HOUR ONLY if you order you will get the daily power hour foiled gnome sheet PLUS a scratch card that will get you $10-$50 or 25%-50% off your next order! **Every card is a winner **<3 You do not have to mention anything to get this offer, just place a order during the power hour.

5 Sampler Packs: These are a bundle of sampler sheets from a variety of shops! There are 4-6 in each bundle. I only have 50 available so if you want one I suggest ordering earlier in the sale.

❤ Orders over $100 (after discount) will receive all FOURTEEN freebies without having to order each day! Plus you will get one scratch card ❤

General Tips

>> Have your account created via the shop and your cart ready to go for the 10AM EST start time on Thursday Nov 25th, 2021. This is when the coupon code will go live.
>> Make sure you are logged into the websites reward program when you go to purchase to receive valuable points for future purchases. Login via the link in the website footer.
>> Have your note section filled out! Mention FB VIP Phrase & your PR girl name there for all the exclusive freebies.
>> Make sure your order total AFTER discount and BEFORE shipping is where you want it to receive the tiered freebies. Remember the shop works in Canadian dollars, so if you are shopping in another currency make sure to check totals in Canadian dollars.
>> If you are planning to make multiple orders over the weekend, please let me know! If I know, I combine & look at your shipping costs for a possibly refund, if there are overages!
>> Sampler packs are available for the first 50 orders starting Thursday @ 10 AM EST
So if you have any questions, issues or concerns please let me know! As always, I am here to help!
Happy shopping,
❤ Meaghan